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Previous international projects:

2010-2012      Project:  "Establishing and developing of an ecotoxicology platform in Serbia and Croatia: a focus on zebrafish (Danio rerio)" - Swiss National Scientific Foundation (SNF) - SCOPES 2008-2012 program

2009-2010  Project: "Eco-status of the River Tamis", participation in the Neighbouring Programme Romania-Serbia, Tender No 06SER02/03/007-8, Contractor City of Pancevo, funded by EU

2007-2009 Project: "Reinforcement of research potential of the Laboratory for Ecotoxicology (REP-LECOTOX)", Project No. 043559 FP6 INCO-2005-C-WBC [Reinforcement of the WBC research capacities] .

2004-2005   Project: Course Developmental programme Physiological Module. WUS-CDP+.

  Project: "Assessment of the selected POPs (PCBs, PCDD/Ps, POCPs) in the Atmosphere and Water Ecosystems From Wastematerials Generated By Warfare in Area of Former Yugoslavia – FP5 RTD – APOPSBAL – ICA2-2001/2003 FP5 RTD-COPERNICUS.

2002-2003  Project: "Biomarkers of exposure and of effects of persistent organic pollutants in ecosystem". Grant No. 87/2002  WUS-C.E.P. -AUSTRIA.

Previous national projects:

2009-2010 Project: "Introduction and development of fish ecotoxicity tests recommended by REACH Regulation Annex C", PROVINCIAL SECRETARIAT FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE OF VOJVODINA

2006-2010  Project: "Endocrine disrupting chemicals – effects on reproductive and thyroid      function, environmental assessment by bioanalysis ". Grant No. 143058 MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT, REPUBLIC OF SERBIA .
2002-2005  Project: "Steroidogenic and Antioxidant Enzymes as Sensors to Environmentally Persistent Chemical Stressors". Grant No. 1766 MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT, REPUBLIC OF SERBIA .

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